B&E ML92

This project began as an exercise to take the P90 and think of what the next iteration could look like. What would an operator want? More comfort? Easier to conceal? I took those ideas and shaped them into the ML92. A gun that is both more compact than the P90 and more modular for both short and long range engagements. One of the big functional changes was lowering the rail and having the magazine swing out to the side to compensate.
After my renders were complete. I decided I wanted to come up with some fictional marketing for this weapon to set it apart from the gun renders I have done in the past. I pulled lots of reference (both image and text) from Recoil Magazine, Glock, Bushmaster, and others to create a fictional marketing campaign.
This project was a ton of fun to do. I learned a ton about updating an existing design, weapon internals, lighting, and of course, final presentation.
And of course, thank you to everyone who gave great crits throughout the process.

August 29, 2017