VALORANT: Singularity

Singularity was incredibly fun to work on. This was our most complex skin line before Elderflame and a lot of the work done on this helped us unlock the workflow / tech to build Elderflame.

While interpreting the concept, we needed to create a crystal structure with strong directionality towards the crosshair and balancing the amount of noise to hit our style. When working with Anim, FX, and Audio, we needed to really problem solve how we could allow each discipline to really shine while maintaining the constraints of our game. Overall, the team was incredibly happy with the final result!

I was responsible for the blockout > textures and also oversaw the outsource on the other guns to ensure the would work with the Animation and FX that we had established with the Ares.

Pitched Glitchpop and worked on the Creative Direction with Concept, Model, Animation, FX, and Audio. This is the second skin line I have had the opportunity to pitch and lead.

October 19, 2020