Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Rift E9

*Screenshots taken on my own time from my personal retail PS4 system. Property of Activision, used with permission.

This was my first opportunity to concept an attachment (extended mag) based on the base set. Also responsible for the high poly through texturing (not blockout) of the other attachments.

Caleb Turner was responsible for the base weapon. I built off of his designs.

Concept - Elliott Lilly / Albert Ng / Christopher Stone (Extended Mag Attachment)
Approved Game Model - Caleb Turner
High Poly Model - Caleb Turner / Christopher Stone (Attachments)
Game Model UVs and Optimizations - Caleb Turner / Christopher Stone (Attachments)
Texturing/Materials - Caleb Turner / Christopher Stone (Attachments)

November 21, 2016